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Core and Elective Curriculum

We offer two Core Curriculum courses to students who participate in two full days a week which consist of  Math and Language Arts. With the Good and the Beautiful Curriculum, students will complete two lessons at the Learning Center and two lessons at home. The curriculum is faith-based and encourages children to have a love of wholesome literature that strengthens families and that creates beautiful hearts and minds. 

Students also have the opportunity to participate in two elective options each session. We're most excited for these  because they give our students an opportunity to take control of their own education and follow their interests, or branch out of their comfort zone and try something new! 

Language Arts

Through careful design, so much good and beautiful learning takes place in this course! It covers more than Language Arts as it also emphasizes reading, spelling, composition, grammar, vocabulary, and literature.


This beautiful and academically strong course is filled with connected learning and a simple daily lesson format including enjoyable activities and games. Numbers and counting, addition, subtraction, shapes and colors, calendars and time, measurement, and so much more!


Two art concepts are covered in each session!

Learn basic shadowing and explore paper, textures, and glue materials to collage a famous character each week. And then learn the basic coil, slab, and pinch pot methods to create functional and decorative pottery!


Learn the lost art of woodworking with some old hand tools that our grandpa’s used! Learn how to use manual, hand-powered tools like hammers, drills, files, wrenches, sandpaper, glue, and more.

We will create some fun creative objects for indoors and outdoors. 

All students will learn safety first, wear the proper protective gear, and understand how to use tools in the workshop correctly.

Lego Club

LEGO Club encourages children to learn while having fun! Creativity, problem solving and teamwork are some of the skills that building with LEGOS can teach children. Every class our students will be given a new STEM based challenge to complete and share. 

Let's get building!

Praise & Performance

Praise and Worship is a powerful spiritual exercise. It aligns the human heart with the heart of God. Each week our students will learn new praise and worship songs and motions to go along with them. At the end of the session we will put on a performance, so we can minister to all of our LPLC kids and parents.


Learning Spanish enhances intellectual flexibility, problem solving skills, and creativity. It also helps with children's listening comprehension skills and future language learning. We start with the basics learning the alphabet, numbers, months of the year, colors, emotions, body parts and more, all through music, games, and a fun interactive approach to learning. Aprender con nosotros!

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