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Core and Elective Curriculum

We offer two Core Curriculum courses to students who participate in two full days a week which consist of  Math and Language Arts. With the Good and the Beautiful Curriculum, students will complete two lessons at the Learning Center and two lessons at home. The curriculum is faith-based and encourages children to have a love of wholesome literature that strengthens families and that creates beautiful hearts and minds. 

Students also have the opportunity to participate in two elective options each session. We're most excited for these  because they give our students an opportunity to take control of their own education and follow their interests, or branch out of their comfort zone and try something new! 

Language Arts

Through careful design, so much good and beautiful learning takes place in this course! It covers more than Language Arts as it also emphasizes reading, spelling, composition, grammar, vocabulary, and literature.


This beautiful and academically strong course is filled with connected learning and a simple daily lesson format including enjoyable activities and games. Numbers and counting, addition, subtraction, shapes and colors, calendars and time, measurement, and so much more!


Two art concepts are covered in each session!

Students will use alternative tools to paint on paper then use those papers to make mixed media artwork. Final Artwork pieces will be abstracts, florals, and landscapes. Students will also learn how to manipulate paint with different tools and techniques and make their own collage or journal papers. You can also use these pages later in mixed media art projects.

Physical Education

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become healthy and physically active for a lifetime. If weather permits students will participate in outdoor games such as kickball, waffle ball, volleyball, capture the flag and many more team sports. When weather does not permit to be outside, students will learn about healthy food choices and make healthy snacks to taste. We also plan to teach some fun card games such as spoons, solitaire, rummy and 21.


(Think! Team Building Challenge): Each class students will be given a challenge that must be completed with the items provided. This class promotes learning from failure, creative thinking and problem solving. It also helps students learn to work together.


This class introduces students to the theatrical arts. Students will learn basic acting skills, stage presence, costume design, voice projection, and production skills. On May 21st students will present their performance to LPLC friends and family.

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